Making a website run: requires web hosting

Successfully running or serving a website for your small business involves more than web designing and development. Website hosting is very important to a business's online success. Choosing the wrong web hosting provider or plan can quickly result in lost online business and reputation. We hope by reading this post you develop a better understanding of what is really involved in web hosting.

If you have been using the internet for a while, you probably are familiar with website domain names and website content. The reason we mention those two items here is because they are related to website hosting although the relationship is not apparent at first. Think about it if you just have web hosting but no content or web domain, web hosting is not doing any good for your business. So serving a website on the internet requires minimally:

  • A domain name (i.e.,,, etc),
  • Web site content (what you want your website to serve) or features (what your website does), and
  • Web hosting

Does your business yet have all these three items? If you just have one or two of these items, your website won't be fully operational. If you just have a domain name for your business, you would be able to show limited custom content, if any, on your domain. But if you have all three of these items (domain name, website content, and web hosting), your website will be able to show and do a lot more. Continue to read as we explore this discussion further below.

Domain name

A domain name is how your potential customers and suppliers will find your business online. Think of it as your business telephone number. People dial your business telephone number to reach you or your staff. Similarly, those wanting to do business with you online will use your domain name to access your website. You found or access this blog by the domain name

Web site content or features

Having a domain name alone is not doing any good for your business. If you have just a domain name for your business, chances are web domain register is display a default page, potentially with ads from your competitors. Stopping showing of this default page will require you to have some custom content about your business. For instance, you can place a custom business logo, show information about the services your business offers, your business contact information, and so on.

Web hosting

To serve your website content to the world, you need a web server. Having and running your own web server has many challenges. This is why many web sites use web hosting. Web hosting is a way for website owners to rent web server hardware and software resources (memory, CPU, bandwidth, back up, and so on).

Think of web hosting as a service plan (voice, data, etc.) for your cell phone. Without the service plan, your phone won't serve you much. Similarly, without a web hosting plan, your website won't do you any good for your business. Just as your phone won't let you make or receive phone calls without a service plan, your website won't be serving your potential customers without a web hosting plan. So to serve your web site to the world, you need to have a web hosting plan.

If you have ever looked at the cell phone plans, you know there are many choices. Each cell phone service provider has a range of service plans to address all kinds of wants and needs of cell phone shoppers. It is no surprise if you are expecting that web hosting providers have a variety of plans to suit different needs of website owners. It's not only the web hosting plans that complicate the decision on a particular web hosting provider. It's also the number of web hosting providers out there.

Now days, it's so easy and inexpensive to become a web host. You don't need web servers to sell web hosting rather you partner with the actual web hosting company to sell web hosting and earn some commissions on each sale. This arrangement results in many web hosting providers and far more choices that are difficult to understand and evaluate for the average business owner when it comes to choosing a web hosting plan.

Choosing a web hosting plan can be a great challenge that you may not overcome on your own. At Techna Center, LLC, we are familiar with all kinds of hosting plans and are eager to understand your hosting needs. We can recommend you a solution that is right for you and eliminate the guesswork. Also, feel free to explore our blog to get our recommendations on choosing a web hosting provider.

Posted on 7/30/2011 3:21:06 PM