Top reasons for having your own website

No luck finding an answer to why should I have a website or do I even need a website? Hopefully, our discussion will get you closer to an answer. Now days the proliferation of technology helps people communicate online without having their own website. Think of the social networks. If you have a small business, you could easily set up a publicly accessible web space that functions and looks like a web site. So why would you want your own website?

It is a valid question to ask. The best person to answer this question is probably you than anyone else. This is because no one else better understands your business than you do. To help you find an answer consider for your business (or hobby – if it's a personal website) consider these reasons:

  1. Having a website help you build your business brand online. Your investment in the development, maintenance, and marketing of the website help your business "sell” online. Without having a dedicated online presence, your business will fail to build virtual reputation, attract more business, and risk loosing your brand domain name to your competitors or to those will charge you a hefty fee if you decide to use it in the future.
  2. Your competitors may already have a website. If your competitors have a website and you don't, it is very clear who it benefits. Without a website, you may be loosing more of your potential business to your competitors.
  3. More and more people relying on the power of the internet to buy and make their buying decisions. For shoppers, online shopping often saves time and in many cases money. Who does not want that? The fact is online sales have been increasing consistently for all kinds of businesses. The present and future online users offer potential additional business for any business.
  4. It is no longer enough to just have an ad in print (i.e., newspapers, Yellow Pages, free classified sections, etc.). Have you lately seen an ad in the paper or TV? Do you recall seeing or hearing about a website address? The chances are you are likely to find a website address for any add you see or hear. People are increasingly relying on convenience and power of the internet than traditional means of information or research (i.e., Yellow Pages).
  5. Web presence means cost-savings, convenience and 24/7 availability. You don't' have to pay someone by hour or a salary when your business inquiry is handled online in the middle of the night. Your clients can find information, order online, or use it in other ways your website supports without having you or your staff involved.

Have you considered any one or more of the reasons listed above for having your own website? If you still are not sure, talk to us today!

Posted on 5/10/2011 6:57:44 PM